What's RuraisLAB?

RuraisLAB GALICIA Living Lab

RuraisLAB GALICIA is a user centred innovation community of Citizens, SMEs, University research groups and Local Government located in Galicia(Spain) with the aim of developing innovation around RURAL WOMEN NEEDS.



RuraisLAB GALICIA tries to take advantage of the use of ICTs in this environment as a dynamizing element of the relationship between the whole innovation social space actors.

RuraisLAB GALICIA is focused not only on generating R&D and innovation projects, but in becoming a virtual infrastructure based on the knowledge of whole ecosystem. This new facility infrastructure allows innovate solutions co-creation...

RuraisLAB GALICIA works in specific challenges and fields where has achieved some goals:

A) Rural women integration in R&d projects in the following areas:

  • Digital content, semantics and Internet of Services.
  • e-inclusion
  • Citizen integration in Emergency systems and enviroment protection

B) eGovernment focused on the areas of:

  • Health and Social public services.
  • Gender instruments and initiatives.
  • New employement instruments.
  • Women entrepreneurship at rural.


References and Track Record

 RuraisLab GALICIA is a research social space that is working from February of 2009 lead by the SMEs Vmodal, 2Mares and two Universities (University of Vigo and University of Santiago de Compostela). Today more than 30 public and private entities participate in the ecosystem.

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Mulleres Rurais e desenvolvemento rural

RuraisLAB es un laboratorio ciudadano para la innovación social en el medio rural, basado en las necesidades e inquietudes de la mujer.





Mulleres Rurais e desenvolvemento rural

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Mujer Rural y Desarrollo Rural

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